Fine Jewelry Care Guide

Few things can match the beauty of fine jewelry. At G Marie Luxuries, we have a carefully curated collection of exquisite pieces crafted with meticulous attention to detail by the world’s most prestigious jewelry designers.

The captivating designs and incredible craftsmanship that are defining features of fine jewelry mean that each piece requires the utmost care to keep it looking at its very best. 

At G Marie Luxuries, jewelry is our passion and purpose. As such, we understand that your fine jewelry pieces are treasured possessions. With this in mind, we have created this fine jewelry care guide to assist you in keeping your jewelry in its original, beautiful condition:

Fine Jewelry Maintenance and Care

When you have invested in exquisite jewelry, it is only natural to want to wear it and enjoy its beauty first-hand. However, daily life can take its toll on even the finest jewelry. Understanding how to protect your beautiful pieces of jewelry from wear and tear and potential damage caused by daily life is imperative. 

Maintaining your jewelry helps to prevent a range of issues, including scratches, tarnishing, and lost gems. Discovering that this type of damage has been inflicted on your fine jewelry can be a deeply upsetting experience. This kind of damage can also, unfortunately, impact the considerable monetary value attached to fine jewelry. 

Preventative measures you can undertake to avoid damage include removing your jewelry before applying sunscreen, along with beauty and body care products such as lotions, creams, and oils. It is also wise to prevent your jewelry from coming into contact with cleaning products, salt water, and chemicals such as chlorine. 

While putting your jewelry in contact with the above may cause tarnishing, dullness, and discoloration, you also need to consider the prevention of immediate accidental damage. Scratches and lost stones are particular problems that can arise when wearing your jewelry while exercising or carrying out other intense activities. Removing your jewelry in these situations and storing it safely are always the best ways to avoid this.

Jewelry Storage

Understanding how to store your jewelry correctly is a cornerstone of fine jewelry care. Just as it’s vital to be mindful of preserving your jewelry while wearing it, the same is true when your pieces are at home or traveling.

Home Jewelry Storage

Fine jewelry requires extra care and correct storage. At home, you will need to store your fine jewelry in a room that is temperature-controlled, as extreme temperatures can cause damage. Too much humidity can lead to tarnishing of your treasured jewelry collection.

Your jewelry should also be stored out of direct sunlight. UV rays can cause untold damage to precious stones and gems, such as sapphires and amethysts. 

When stored incorrectly, items such as necklaces can become tangled, and rings and bracelets can become scratched from your jewelry rubbing together. Placing your jewelry in dividers to prevent entanglement is advisable. It is also essential to select jewelry storage with cotton lining, as this won’t interact with the jewelry and potentially cause damage.

Jewelry Storage While Traveling

Traveling with fine jewelry can leave it especially susceptible to damage. So, it is best to store your pieces in a purpose-designed travel jewelry holder. Store each piece in a separate divider within the jewelry holder to prevent tangles and jewelry rubbing together. For further protection, it is helpful to wrap individual pieces in a soft cloth.

Cleaning Your Fine Jewelry

Correct storage is vital to preserving the appearance and quality of your jewelry. However, you also need to ensure that your pieces are meticulously clean before you store them, as this can cause damage. As such, cleaning jewelry is a vital part of caring for fine jewelry.

Avoid DIY Cleaning

If you notice a mark on your treasured pieces of jewelry or signs of tarnishing, you may feel compelled to deal with this right away. However, attempting to wash or clean fine jewelry yourself could worsen the problem. 

Buy a Professional Jewelry Cleaner

It can be tempting to use household products in an attempt to clean your jewelry. This is something you should never expose fine jewelry to. Instead, you need to select a professional jewelry cleaner designed for that exact purpose.

Get Your Jewelry Cleaned by a Professional

Enlisting the services of a professional is the best way to ensure your jewelry is cleaned without compromising its unique beauty. So always be sure to seek out a professional with the expertise to perform this delicate task correctly. 

Get High-Quality Jewelry and Discuss Maintenance Tips With a Trusted Jeweler in Virginia Beach

Your fine jewelry collection is something to be treasured and preserved. Maintaining your jewelry requires professional cleaning and careful storage. 

At G Marie Luxuries, we are passionate about helping you select your perfect fine jewelry pieces. We also understand that you want to preserve and protect them as future heirlooms. Therefore, we will be delighted to impart our expertise to advise on jewelry cleaning and jewelry care. 

Contact us to discover our exquisite selection of fine jewelry and to arrange a concierge appointment. We offer both in-person and virtual appointments to serve you regardless of your location. 

G Marie recommends having your jewelry cleaned by a reputable jewelry professional. Whether you opt for professional services or decide to clean your jewelry and gemstones yourself based on the recommendations provided in this article, you assume full responsibility for the results. G Marie disclaims any responsibility for items that are not cleaned by our in-house team.