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      G Marie Luxuries Moonstone Jewelry in Virginia Beach

      Moonstone, a captivating gem from the feldspar group, is renowned for its adularescence—a soft, floating glow or shimmer that changes as the stone is moved. This gem comes in several varieties including the highly transparent blue moonstone with a blue sheen, white moonstone with a subdued glow, and the colorful rainbow moonstone, which displays a spectrum of hues depending on the lighting and angle. Moonstones are primarily sourced from Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, Myanmar (Burma), and Brazil. In jewelry, moonstone is cherished not only for its unique visual appeal but also for its believed properties to bring calm, peace, and balance to the wearer, making it a popular choice especially as it is also one of the birthstones for June, alongside pearl and alexandrite. Moonstone's distinct adularescence, which mimics the serene light of the moon floating on water, sets it apart from other gemstones. Historically, moonstone has graced Art Nouveau jewelry and was particularly favored by designers like René Lalique, although it may not boast as many famous individual pieces as other gemstones.


      Moonstone's characteristic shimmer, or adularescence, reacts beautifully to light, shifting and glowing as the angle of light changes, which is particularly captivating in varying lighting conditions.
      Some moonstones may be treated with coatings to enhance their adularescence or color, but high-quality moonstones are typically left untreated.
      Moonstone is formed from orthoclase and albite, two minerals from the feldspar group. As these minerals cool, they intermingle and then separate into stacked, alternating layers that cause light to scatter and create the characteristic shimmer.