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33 products

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Sapphires, gemstones made of corundum like their cousin the ruby, are revered not only for their traditional blue hues but also for their variety of colors including pink, yellow, green, white, and black. These gems are mined in several key locations around the world, including Sri Lanka, Myanmar (Burma), Madagascar, Australia, and Montana in the United States. The classic blue color of sapphires, resulting from trace elements of iron and titanium, is especially valued, with the most prized shades known as "Kashmir" or "Ceylon" sapphires. In jewelry, sapphires symbolize nobility, truth, and sincerity, making them a favored choice among royalty and a popular option for engagement rings, highlighted by their prominence in royal engagements like that of Prince Charles to Princess Diana. Their beauty, durability, and deep symbolic meanings also make them ideal for commemorating September birthdays as September's birthstone.


Sapphires are commonly cut in cushion, oval, round, and emerald cuts to best display their color and clarity.
When purchasing sapphire jewelry, consider the gemstone’s color saturation, clarity, cut quality, and the authenticity of any treatments it may have undergone.
Yes, sapphires are often heat-treated to enhance their color and clarity, a common practice in the gemstone industry.
Sapphires are formed under high pressure and temperature deep within the earth’s crust, mainly from aluminum oxide.
Yes, sapphires are one of the hardest gemstones, second only to diamonds, making them excellent for everyday wear.