How To Care For Opals

With their mesmerizing play of color, opals hold a celestial charm that captivates the heart, embodying the essence of luxury and elegance in fine jewelry. G Marie Luxuries is devoted to curating a repertoire of opal jewelry that exudes an extraordinary blend of artistry and sophistication created by our award-winning artisans. With a profound commitment to maintaining the ethereal beauty of these precious gemstones, we offer an exquisite guide to caring for opals, ensuring that their divine allure remains timeless.

Understanding Opal's Unique Properties

Opals are treasures of the earth, encapsulating the enchantment of shifting colors and breathtaking patterns. Their delicate nature requires a touch of tenderness and specialized care. At G Marie Luxuries, our opals are handled with utmost precision, celebrating their exquisite composition and natural elegance.

The Do's and Don'ts for Opal Care

Embark on a luxurious journey of preserving the artistic brilliance of your opal jewelry. Embrace practices that encapsulate care, affection, and understanding of these magnificent creations. Avoid exposing your opals to environments that could diminish their beauty, ensuring they continue to shimmer with unyielding grace and allure.

Best Practices for Cleaning Opals

Maintain the enchantment of your opals by engaging in cleaning practices that safeguard their delicate charm. Gentle cleaning, under the guidance of expert craftsmanship at G Marie Luxuries, ensures that each piece continues to flourish in its timeless elegance and extraordinary brilliance.

Proper Storage and Handling

Secure your opals in the embrace of impeccable storage, shielding them from adversity and maintaining their celestial beauty. A realm of consideration and attentiveness ensures that these precious gemstones are handled with the love and care they deserve.

Wearing Opals: Tips and Precautions

Adorn yourself with opals in moments that mirror their beauty and exclusivity. Let each wearing occasion be a celebration of their delicate allure, making conscious choices that resonate with the luxurious essence of these divine creations.

Repair and Restoration

In rare moments when your opals may require rejuvenation, trust experienced jewelers' mastery. At G Marie Luxuries, our artisans restore the ethereal beauty of each piece, ensuring they resonate with the realms of luxury and exquisite craftsmanship.

Investing in Opal Jewelry

Choose to invest in the opulence of opal jewelry, curated with a passion for artistic elegance and exceptional design. Let your collection be a realm where the artistry of opals flourishes, enriching your world with their incomparable beauty and unique charm.

Common Myths and Misconceptions about Opal Care

  • Opals Bring Bad Luck: One prevalent myth is that opals bring bad luck to their wearers. However, this is purely a superstition; many believe opals bring good fortune and happiness.
  • Opals Require Constant Hydration: Another common misconception is that opals need to be soaked in water regularly to prevent them from cracking. In reality, excessive moisture can be harmful to opals.
  • Opals are Unbreakable: Some believe that due to their softer composition, they are resilient to scratches and breakage. But in reality, opals are delicate and must be handled with care.
  • Opals Can't be Cleaned with Regular Jewelry Cleaners: People often believe that opals can't be cleaned using standard jewelry cleaning solutions. While they require gentle cleaning, mild soap and water are usually suitable for opals.
  • Opals Lose Their Color Over Time: A myth persists that opals lose their fiery colors over time, becoming dull or faded. However, with proper care, an opal can retain its beautiful play of color for generations.
  • Opals Are Only Suitable for Evening Wear: There's a misconception that opals are only suitable for formal occasions or evening wear. Opals can be a stunning addition to various styles and can be worn at any time of the day.
  • Opals Should not be Set in Engagement Rings: Some believe that opals are unsuitable for engagement rings due to their softness. However, opals can make exquisite and meaningful engagement rings with the right setting and care.

Each of these myths contributes to the mystery and intrigue surrounding opals, but understanding the facts about opal care and handling helps to preserve and appreciate their unique beauty.


Revel in your opals' artistry and divine elegance, maintaining their luxurious allure with devoted care and passionate understanding. We invite you to experience the luxury and meticulous craftsmanship at G Marie Luxuries, where each opal is a celestial symphony of nature's beauty.