How To Tell If An Opal Is Real

Just like the stars scattered across a midnight sky, the vibrant play of colors in an opal holds an almost otherworldly beauty. The exquisite appeal of this gemstone makes it a treasured addition to any fine jewelry collection. At G Marie Luxuries, we recognize the importance of offering genuine opals, ensuring our esteemed clientele receive nothing but authentic, high-quality gems in their unique pieces.

Understanding Opals

Opals, with their kaleidoscopic display of colors, have been adored and admired for centuries. Traced back to times when ancient civilizations attributed magical properties to them, opals continue to captivate us with their unique beauty. From fiery red and black opals to the calming tones of blue and white opals, the variety and uniqueness make them a favored choice for our award-winning artisans.

Characteristics of Genuine Opals

Real opals are a sight to behold, their beauty lying in their unique physical characteristics. A genuine opal's play of color is undeniably mesmerizing, ranging from fiery oranges and reds to cool blues and greens. The weight and hardness of a genuine opal also contribute to its unique charm, offering a solid feel and durability that ensures it withstands the test of time.

Common Types of Fake Opals

Unfortunately, the gemstone market is not exempt from the proliferation of fakes. Synthetic opals, crafted to mimic the appearance of a genuine opal, are common. There are also opal imitations, crafted from other materials, that lack the distinctive color-play and physical properties of real opals. 

Even treated or enhanced opals, though genuine, can compromise the gemstone's quality and longevity.

Methods to Identify Real Opals

Ensuring the authenticity of your opal is paramount, especially when seeking to add a new piece to your fine jewelry collection.

  • Visual Inspection Method: One effective way to identify a real opal is through careful visual inspection. Look for the unique color patterns only real opals possess. Examining the opal under different light sources can also help reveal its authenticity.
  • Physical Test Method: Real opals have distinct physical properties. By checking the weight and temperature of the gemstone, you can differentiate a real opal from a synthetic one. Conducting a scratch test can also reveal the authenticity of an opal.
  • Advanced Test Methods: Consulting with a gemologist or using gemological instruments can offer a definitive answer to the authenticity of an opal.

Tips and Warnings

Acquiring your opals from reputable sources like G Marie Luxuries can ensure authenticity. We offer only the finest opals sourced responsibly and crafted meticulously into designer jewelry by our award-winning artisans. 

Each opal piece we offer comes with an appraisal, assuring you of its genuine quality. Be aware of the potential risk of damage from tests, and remember, some tests are best left to professionals to avoid harming your precious gemstone.


Owning a genuine opal is akin to having your very own piece of the cosmos. Each stone is unique, just like the individual who wears it. We invite you to explore our opal collection and create your one-of-a-kind piece. Experience the luxury of owning a real opal, and let it reflect the exquisite taste that defines you.

At G Marie Luxuries, your journey towards possessing an authentic opal becomes as mesmerizing as the stone itself. Visit us here to discover the opal pieces designed by our featured artisans, or contact us to create your custom design.

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