What Are Inclusions In Diamonds?

If you're as passionate about fine jewelry as we are at G Marie Luxuries, then the remarkable world of diamonds, their unique formation process, and the importance of inclusions must have captured your interest. Today, we delve into the fascinating nature of these alluring gemstones, painting a clearer picture of the key factors that contribute to their unrivaled allure.

Understanding Inclusions in Diamonds

As enchanting as they are, diamonds are more than mere sparkling gemstones; they are tales of an ancient journey. Created over billions of years in the deep recesses of the Earth, the formation process of diamonds results in the incorporation of other minerals and even occasional crystal growth irregularities. These characteristics, otherwise known as inclusions, render each diamond truly one-of-a-kind.

  • Crystal Inclusions: Tiny minerals trapped within the diamond during its formation. These can be the same material as the diamond itself (carbon) or other minerals.
  • Feather Inclusions: These are small fractures within the diamond, resembling delicate feathers.
  • Cloud Inclusions: A group of tiny pinpoints or crystals that are clustered together, appearing like a soft cloud.
  • Pinpoint Inclusions: Tiny crystal points that are usually only visible under magnification.
  • Bearding Inclusions: Fine lines that occur during the cutting process, typically extending from the girdle into the diamond.
  • Other Inclusions: Cavities, chips, or bruises can also occur in a diamond, each imparting its distinct signature.

The Impact of Inclusions on Diamond Quality

The presence of inclusions in a diamond plays a substantial role in determining its quality, particularly its clarity—one of the revered 4Cs (Cut, Carat, Color, and Clarity) of diamond grading. A diamond's brilliance and sparkle can be impacted depending on the size, color, number, and position of the inclusions.

Inclusions near the center or those that are large and dark could detract from the overall appeal. However, those that are tiny, light, or located near the edges might go unnoticed by the naked eye, thus making a diamond still quite desirable.

The Role of Inclusions in Identifying and Evaluating Diamonds

Inclusions, unique to each diamond, are akin to a fingerprint, assisting gemologists in identifying and evaluating diamonds. They serve as key distinguishing factors between natural and synthetic diamonds, adding another layer to the fascinating story that each gemstone tells. Furthermore, inclusions can influence the value and price of a diamond, making their understanding vital for discerning jewelry lovers.

Tips for Buying Diamonds with Inclusions

Evaluating a diamond's clarity, and thus its inclusions is a skillful art. At G Marie Luxuries, our award-winning artisans guide you through this process, ensuring you appreciate every detail of your chosen piece.

Believe it or not, inclusions can sometimes be a good thing. They can lend character and uniqueness to your diamond, rendering it truly yours. When you choose a diamond from G Marie Luxuries, you're not only acquiring a beautiful piece of jewelry—you're also gaining a part of Earth's history.

To comprehend the essence of your diamond fully, we recommend getting it graded and understanding the grading report. This report details the diamond's individual characteristics, including any inclusions, to assist you in your selection process.


Understanding diamond inclusions unveils the hidden depth and story behind each of these magnificent gemstones. It enriches your experience as you explore our designer collections at G Marie Luxuries, helping you to make informed and appreciative decisions. Whether it is for a special occasion or a simple celebration of life, each piece of jewelry you choose from G Marie Luxuries is an ode to your unique story.

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