Bayco Gems

Bayco Gems

The first time I walked by the Bayco Gems display at a jewelry show in Geneva over 20 years ago, I was stunned. Emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and diamonds, all sizes, all displayed as works of art by both God and man. The sheer exuberance of color and faceted beauty was incredible. I had no clue about their value, but I wanted to be able to touch, hold, and acquire, if at all possible, a few of what was in the window.

Knowing I didn't know anything about gems of this rarity and value, all I knew was that I would learn.

As I stood outside the booth, hesitant to walk in because I knew so little, a nice gentleman walked by me and said hello. I had no idea he was the owner of Bayco and would become a dear, cherished friend of mine. He said his name was Moris, and we began to talk. He was curious about what I thought of the pieces in the display. As we talked, people approached him as though he was a very important person, but he was so kind and generous with his time I didn't think to ask which company he was with. Finally, we paused, and he grinned and invited me into the Bayco Display Booth.

Moris was instrumental in enabling and encouraging me to learn about the important nuances of Fine gem values. Certification by GIA or Gübelin Gemological Laboratories, Colombian emeralds versus other sourced stones, Ruby red versus ruby, almost red but generally not really RED. Sapphires of every color and all stone values are decided by clarity and cut with a depth of color critical to the appeal of the stone, but non-heat- treated stones are far more valuable. The sheer volume of treatments to modify a stone's value is very critical to comprehend and disclose to the client buyer. The best manner of keeping faith with the client is to make every known fact about a work of jewelry art available. We abide by that courtesy; as a client buyer of G Marie, we hold faith with you in every work of jewelry art you collect from G Marie.

When you see the fine certified gem quality rubies, emeralds, and sapphires at G Marie, you see some of the finest gems in jewelry designs.

We invite you to indulge yourself and come to G Marie to share the experience of Bayco Jewelry.

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