Gale's Journal #6 - Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds and Pearls

Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds and Pearls

Let's talk about diamonds, and rubies, and emeralds, and pearls, Oh My!

We love them, women and men. We love the brilliant flash of a diamond, the depth of gorgeous red rubies, the varying greens of emeralds, and the sensuality of pearls. We love them all.

Diamonds, FLASH, and shine tell a tale of joy, wealth, forever beauty, and the sheer abandoned joy of wearing them. Diamonds make us feel beautiful or handsome and valued by the moment that is always remembered, receiving the gift of diamonds. So buy them, give them to the ones you love, or buy them for yourself, and wear them, love them.

Rubies, RED, red in so many variations of red that it's wonderful. By Depth of color and strength of beauty, rubies enhance the sense of empowerment to the wearer. Red is the color of power, beauty, and elegance. A red ruby ring, a red ruby bracelet, red ruby earrings, and don't forget the red ruby necklace to finish the suite and power of the combination of all of them at once. It's awesome to explore the incredible impact of red rubies as you wear them, gift them, or invest in the potential of Ruby.

Emeralds, OMG, GREEN, greens so vivid they seduce and please the senses. Emeralds have always been a sign of wealth, of generational value, and sought after for their exquisite beauty. All skins of any color or age look perfect in emeralds. The artists of every generation and culture covet the green of emeralds to create jewelry that is memorable and important to own. The joy of emeralds is always known to the wearer. I strongly suggest you try Emeralds.

Pearls, LUSTER, in whichever color a pearl exists, the luxurious luster is the siren call to own and wear Pearls. Pearls glow sweetly and are so comfortable to wear as they enhance the body with luminous beauty. Nothing is as sensual as running a strand of pearls through your fingers and caressing the texture as it lies against your skin. Beauty that makes you feel beautiful from the moment you adorn yourself and look in the mirror. Pearls of every color, or any color, are perfect.

G Marie has them all: Diamonds, Rubies, Emeralds, and Pearls. Come see what our jewelry artisans have created for your pleasure.


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