Gale's Journal #2 - Value

G Marie here, and I'm always available for a question, and I've been asked about value regarding jewelry.

Value, emotional value, financial value, etc. Today I'm discussing financial value.

Will jewelry you acquire hold it's value, will it become more valuable, etc.?

When I started developing a love of jewelry in my twenties Gold was about $300/ounce, now it's about $1,800/ounce. Fine gems, depending on the quality of the gem, have increased in cost between 3 and 20 times since then. So yes, if you buy jewelry of value it generally increases in value.

But the caveat is you have to buy gems that have the benefits of "cut, clarity, and color", and you have to care for it. Throwing your rings and bracelets or necklaces on top of each other will only result in damage of some kind eventually. Care for your jewelry, wear it, but put it away in its box or whatever, as long as it's not jumbled into a pile, where it can get scratched or chipped or bent.

I purchased jewelry in 2007, a few rings and things with well cut stones that were certified by GIA, Gemological Institute of America or AGTA, American Gemological Trade Association. When I decided to return to the jewelry world in 2022 I sent the jewelry back to the original designers for cleaning and any repairs necessary. All of the jewelry has increased in value, some about 3 times and most about 8 to 10 times the original cost. That's my personal experience.

Find what you love, any jewelry that resonates with you, and buy it without worrying about what the value will do. If it goes up, fine, but the real value is how it makes you feel. The joy of remembering the moment of acquisition, when you found or received jewelry that satisfied that sense of adornment that is such a luxury.

G Marie

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