Gale's Journal #1 - About G Marie

G Marie Luxuries...

G Marie, that's me, a woman who has wandered this world for about 70 years.

Luxuries, when a thing or an experience adds a sense of joy and wonder to your life at varied moments of life. It doesn't have to be expensive to be luxurious, or rare, or hard to find, or anything but deeply felt. Whether joyous, poignant, sweet, exhilarating, you name it, any sense of emotional benefit is luxury. Luxuries bring a momentary, or ever lasting sense, of having life enhanced as you touch, see or remember the experience. Whether that experience is buying a possession, seeing vistas that add a sense of awe and wonder at the vastness of beauty in the world, or the sweet sense of sharing, life is enhanced by luxury.

Jewelry, gems, artisan creations that are one of, or very few of, these are some of the luxuries I search for and love to share. The actual effort of the search for unique beautiful objects to wear is one of the luxuries of my life. I get to wander through the displays of hundreds of jewelers every year, looking for that moment when I see the work of a jewelry artist I consider memorable. Then discussing the gem art with that jeweler, and arranging for it to be added to the G Marie collection for you to view and acquire for yourself.

As we build our store, display the jewelry and send it out to the world on our website,, we are aware that it's when you find jewelry with us that we get to share in the joyous moment when you find what you want. That personal moment when touching the gem, feeling the weight and textures of metals of gold, silver, platinum, and seeing how it looks on your skin creates a resonance of desire to have it in your life. That's luxury.

You are invited to be a part of this journey to enjoy the luxuries of jewelry at G Marie.


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