Gale's Journal #3 - Paula Crevoshay

Paula Crevoshay is a wonderful experience to meet.  I remember when I first met her over 20 years ago.  Red Hair, vivid eyes, dressed in colorful drapes of fabric and gems, genuinely interested in every person she meets, she stands out in any gathering.

Paula came around the corner of her booth, grasped both of my hands in hers, and pulled me to her mesmerizing display of colors and shapes in jewelry, talking every second after her first "Hi".  She shares so warmly in both body language and conversation, that what she does, creating works of art in metal and fine gems, is as much her joy of life as breathing.  I loved her instantly, she's crazy enthusiastic in sharing her love of creating.  Seriously lovely as a person, her genuine beauty is both her personality and her genius as a jeweler.  She creates incredible works of jewelry art exploding with color and elegance.  We've been friends ever since that memorable moment.

Each work, ring, broach, earring, bracelet or necklace is completely unique.  No two are the same anywhere in her collection of beauty.  Paula uses rare gems, fine gems, deeply colored and exquisitely cut and set in gold, platinum, and other rare metals, every detail fine and feminine.

I had the rare pleasure of being Paula's guest at one of the best museum exhibitions I've ever attended.  "The Shape of Matter" at the Perot Museum in Texas.  The exhibition showcased extraordinary raw minerals and alongside the raw mineral, emerald, ruby, sapphire, etc. were finished gems of those minerals mounted in rings/bracelets/and other metal jewelry adornments.  Fabulous does not even begin to describe the impact of the beauty and power of a raw mineral displayed with the elegant creations possible from those raw forces of nature.
Paula has numerous awards, museum exhibitions, and accolades from the jewelry universe of designers, collectors and individuals for her work.  I invite you to see her collections at and in our jewelry store in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

To Luxuries,


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