Gale's Journal #4 - Lika Behar

As I wander the various jewelry shows in Las Vegas, Tucson, New York, and other major resources for jewelry designers I look for unique, comfortable and compelling collections. Gold, platinum, silver and gems in designs that tell a story about the designer's flair for creating jewelry that enhances each person that wears it.

I walk miles per show, take the time to look in every booth and corner of each show.  Once in a while a collection stops me midstride.  That's what happened when I first saw Lika's collections at the Las Vegas Jewelry show.  Literally I stopped in the middle of a step and immediately knew I had to have her work at G Marie.  So I walked up and was lucky enough to be talking to her in just a few minutes.  It was a just right meeting.  It took about an hour to create a complete story of the artist, Lika, in the trays as we sifted through her designs for a "look" that would enable anyone to know the artist, and to completely fill a jewelry case for a full story of the collection.  Yep, lost my mind, I ignored budgets and space, and simply bought in, literally, to Lika Behar, happily.

Lika's jewelry is a stunning juxtaposition of silver and gold with one of a kind gems.  Affordable, beautiful, casual jewelry with the impact of great design aesthetics.  Layer the bracelets and necklaces, just have a single ring on one hand, or mix all of her jewelry you acquire as you please on your body with whatever you are wearing for the most incredible feelings of accomplished beauty, it's perfect.

I invite you to peruse Lika Behar at and to visit our store in Virginia Beach, Virginia to enjoy sharing the beauty of jewelry, in one ofs and very few ofs designs.

G Marie

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  • Lika

    I can’t thank you enough for your kind words, may I quote you?

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