Gale's Journal #5 - Is it Better to Buy or Receive

We love to be adorned, and to adorn ourselves. In every culture and every generation jewelry has always been an act of self love or shared love. An expression of self that makes us feel beautiful, powerful, sweetly cared for, in sync with our companions, or standing out from the crowd, so many different expressions of ourselves. Its all there in the simple act of putting on jewelry, a ring, or a bracelet, or necklace. You take a moment to remember when and where you acquired or received that particular piece of jewelry. You respond as you see yourself in the mirror and know you look and feel great just by the act of adornment. Luxury at it's best, your moment.

As to whether buying for yourself or receiving from another. They’re both wonderful. When you buy for yourself you’re taking the time to indulge your creativity of self expression. It’s a deeply satisfying feeling of accomplishment. When you receive jewelry from someone it’s a visual expression of being cherished, of being loved and appreciated . Life doesn’t get much better than those moments.

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